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Purpose: This document explains how to render breadcrumbs in your Firn layouts.

Prerequistes: an understanding of The Render Function, layouts and front matter. Breadcrumbs usage is related to the sitemap.


Breadcrumbs are a navigational tool that indicate where a file falls in a parent-child hierarchy. For example, this document you are reading right now falls under a parent document ("The Render Function"), which falls under another parent document ("Content").

$ Content > The Render Function > Breadcrumbs

When you render breadcrumbs on your page, it will display the "path" (or list of parent files) that connects the current page displayed.


To display breadcrumbs on a page there are two requirements:

Setting frontmatter

The org document to be rendered must have a #+FIRN_UNDER: front matter; the value should be the title of another file, or of a list of file titles (in a list scenario, the first item is the greatest/oldest ancestor, and the last item in the list is the direct parent of the file.)

# Examples 1: nest a file under another single file.
#+FIRN_UNDER: Content

# Examples 2: Nest under a file with multiple words
#+FIRN_UNDER: "The Render Function"

# Examples 3: Nest under several files:
#+FIRN_UNDER: Content "The Render Function"

Rendering breadcrumbs in a layout.

  1. The layout you are using to render the org-mode document needs to use the render function to display it.

; org file must have front matter such as:
; #+FIRN_UNDER: Parent
; #+FIRN_LAYOUT: default

; In `layouts/default.clj`, render breadcrumbs:
(render :breadcrumbs)

Changes you make to the #+FIRN_UNDER keyword also affect the sitemap. The breadcrumbs are, in essence, a small slice of the sitemap.

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