Firn Tags

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2020-09-24 00:08

Purpose: This document explains how to organize your documents with "Firn tags" (file based tagging) as well as how to render a list of tags on a Firn site.

Prerequistes: an understanding of The Render Function, layouts and front matter.


Firn is able to tag files using the front matter #+FIRN_TAGS or #+ROAM_TAGS. Firn tags are for categorizing information on a file to file basis. Please note this is different from using org-mode tags (referred to as "org-tags" throughout this documentation.)


Firn's file tagging functionality is partially based on how Org Roam handles tagging. Tag values are space delimited. Multi-word tags must be wrapped in quotations marks.


#+TITLE: "My File"
#+FIRN_TAGS: "Programming Languages" Research Development

Firn automatically reads in the ROAM_TAGS front matter, allowing you to make use of whatever tags you might already have if you are an org-roam user. If you have both FIRN_TAGS and ROAM_TAGS in your front-matter, FIRN_TAGS will be given precedence for providing the tag values for a file when building your site.

When it comes time to render your list of accumulated tags and their respectively tagged files use the following in your layouts:

(render :firn-tags)

;; It is possible to sort your tags by :alphabetical | :newest | :oldest
(render :firn-tags {:sort-by :alphabetical})
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