Last updated:
2020-09-23 18:47

Development Server

  • The file watcher (reloading of files on change) is a bit slow.

  • Certain site-wide data/metadata collected happens at the initial compile time. Things like the site-logs, site-map, site-links do not get updated when a single file is updated when using the development server. You will need to re-start the server to re-process the files.


  • Currently, Firn copies the entirety of this folder into your build output. This means that if you have attachments which are private or simply unlinked to from org-files, they will be included in your build output. You can enable the "cleaning" (removal) of unused attachments by enabling the :run-build-clean? flag in your config.edn file.

  • Org-attach links are not supported.


This does not affect user's who are using the Firn binary - only those using the repl within the repo.

Currently it seems that in dev-mode - ie. when in the repl and using the pre-compiled rust parser, footnotes definitions that have children on the same line are not parse-able:

[fn:1] Content here < fails the parser.

Whereas, if you add a newline and add the content below, it works. So, far this seems to be fine using the final compiled Firn binary.

Inline HTML

If you have any html elements in your org-file, they will be rendered as html - this is not necessarily a limitation, but as of now, it is not possible to "escape" html, such as in inline code blocks.

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