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Purpose: This document explains how you may use a REPL to help understand the shape of data that represents your org files and a Firn site more largely.

⚠️ This feature experimental and may be removed in future versions of Firn.

Prerequistes: A familiarity with Clojure.


The REPL can be accessed when using the development server.

firn serve -r

The above will start a REPL that provides access to what is internally known as the "config" object; an object passed through most functions, containing the parsed org-files, links, logbooks, etc. When running the repl, the config is wrapped in a Clojure atom and must be accordingly dereferenced.

⚠️ Note: The data within the config object, specifically processed org-files, can be quite large and may slow down your terminal (at least they do in Cider when developing Firn!).

(-> @config :keys)    ; view all the clojure keys in the config map.
(@config :site-links) ; view all the links collected across your site.

And so on. Accessing this data can be useful for gaining insight into how you might build your partials and layouts; especially in that the config object itself is within the map passed to all layout functions.

You may also run (help) to view a description of what functions and data are available in the Firn REPL.


  • Live reloading may not work with the repl.

  • There are no functions yet for inspecting / changing the config data (if this is useful, they will show up in a later release)

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