Last updated:
2021-02-24 19:02

Purpose: Firn is able to provide basic RSS functionality. This document provides information for setting up RSS for your Firn site.

Prerequistes: an understanding of layouts.


Note: RSS is still a feature in development, and so there may be breaking changes to how it's developed.


In your config.edn file you can enable RSS like so:

 :enable-rss?      true        ; If true, creates a feed.xml in _site.

Then, in your layouts, you will need to specify a css class of rss for the container of which represents the content to be part of your feed.

The following example represents a simple layout of a site and where the rss class might be applied.

(defn default
  [{:keys [render partials] :as data}]
  (let [{:keys [head nav footer]} partials]
     (head data)
       ;; this should not be in the Rss feed
        (render :sitemap {:sort-by :firn-order})]

       ;; ! - This [:article ...] class is the only thing that should constitute a RSS feed's content.
       ;; and so we add a `.rss` class to it so that firn can collect this content specifically for your feed.
        (render :file)]