Static Assets / Attachments

Last updated:
2021-02-24 19:02

This document discusses how to include static front-end assets (css, js, images) and org-mode attachments in your Firn site.

Static Assets

Running firn new scaffolds a firn site, including the creation of a folder named static:

├── css
│   ├── firn_base.css # firn_base is included when a firn site is created
├── img
│   └── favicon.png
└── js
    └── main.js

These files will be transferred over to your built site when you run firn build.

The static directory is where you want to put all your CSS, JavaScript, and site-wide images (such as a favicon).

Org attachments

Firn does not support org-attach, but does support including file link attachments. If you want images in your org-files to appear as in your built side, you need to centralize your images in a single folder. By default, a new Firn site looks for aa directory called data, and then assumes that you are linking images into your documents from any subsequent folder under data.

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