The Render Function

Last updated:
2020-10-21 13:44

The (render) function is used to render content from your org file. It's an important one - if you don't use it, you won't see any org-mode content.

Quite a bit of data and functions are made available in your layouts. The render function allows you to decide what parts of your org-file you would like to display.

Firn makes some "pre-made" content available to be rendered:

Render typeParametersExample
Entire filekeyword(render :file)
Specific headlinestring(render "Notes")
Specific contentstring, keyword(render "Notes" :content)
Foldingkeyword, map(render :file {:firn-fold {1 true 2 true}})
Table of contentskeyword, map(render :toc {:depth int :exclude-headline? bool :headline "Notes"})
Logbook Polylinekeyword, map(render :logbook-polyline {:stroke "#45698A" :height 60 :width 365})
Sitemapskeyword, map(render :sitemap {:sort-by :firn-order})
Related Fileskeyword(render :related-files)
Backlinkskeyword(render :backlinks)
Adjacent fileskeyword, map(render :adjacent-files {:sort-by :date})
Firn Tagskeyword, map(render :firn-tags {:sort-by :alphabetical})
Org Tagskeyword(render :org-tags)
Breadcrumbskeyword(render :breadcrumbs)